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Project Name: Dubai Courts Mobile App
This application is developed for "Dubai Courts". The application is multilingual supporting both Arabic and English Languages.
It provides certain services to end users such as
Ability to Track Case
View Court Procedures
View Court News
View Research Papers
View Case Listing
Check Status of Power of Attorney
Court's Location Information
Track Case:
One of the powerful features of the app is allowing an end user to track the status of his case. By providing information such as case type, case number and case year a user can track detailed status of his case. User will get
Case Number
Current Date of Hearing
Chamber Number
Date of Next Meeting
Status of Case
Court Procedures:
Detailed court procedures are available through app. They are divided into categories and sub categories. Each court procedure is accompanied with detailed videos. These videos are available for
Court News:
All court news are linked to application and instantly available on the application as soon as they are entered into main application server. Each news information is also accompanied with a picture and detailed description.
Research Papers:
Any important research paper published by Dubai Courts is also available through the application. An end user can see updated research published by Duabi Courts.
Case Listing:
Dubai court’s case listings are available through the application. Each case with its chamber details is listed on the application.
Power of Attorney:
Using this app, user can check the status of Power of Attorney. User will get
Document Status
Document Date
Valid From
Valid To
Court's Location Information
A user can track the location of court with much ease using the application. Detailed Google map will assist user in easily navigating to the court.
Backend Administration
Powerful Backend administration allows administrator to manage Research Papers using custom built CMS. Administrator can perform operations against Research Papers such as
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