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Project Name: Event Manager
Mobile Application is designed to track all information relating to an event such as
Pre Event Activity
Speaker Profile
Sponsors Exhibitors
Attendee Profiles
Location Maps
Information Center
Feedback Live Polling
Post Event Activity
Social Media
Pre Event Activity:
Before an event starts, attendees can engage in a pre-event activity. They can share notes, presentation, ideas and any other information relating to the event.
Speaker Profile:
Speakers can maintain their profile using the application. They can make the public as well as private.
Sponsors Exhibitors:
All sponsors and exhibitors can register with the application and share their logo as well as other information with even attendees.
Attendee Profiles:
Just like speakers, attendees can also create their profile, register with an event and share their information with other attendees of the application.
Application will help users to reach event location using Google maps.
Information Center:
Each event will have an information center such as details of event, event pre-requisites and any other legal requirements for attendees.
Live Feed:
Event information will also be available as RSS feed published through
Feedback Live Polling:
During event, users can give live feedback. This feedback can be in form of questionnaire, polls, comments etc.
Social Media:
Event information will be published on social media and will be available to all part of social media.
Post Event Activity:
After event users can share their thoughts and feedbacks.
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