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Project Name: Novotel Digital Signage
Novotel is a hotel brand within the Accor group. Novotel has close to 400 hotels and resorts in 60 countries, situated in the business districts and tourist destinations of major international cities.
The digital signage kiosk application for Novotel Al Barsha Dubai Branch was developed by Gist it Consultants. The application is displayed at
Conference Rooms
Reception – Room Prices:
At reception room prices are highlighted. Additional services are also visible. The information is updated on daily basis. Small image gallery on left shows different sections of hotel.
Reception – Exchange Rates:
To facilitate international customers, exchange rates are displayed to visitors at reception. These rates are updated on daily basis.
Reception – Accor Hotels:
The application is programmed to show information slides about Novotel and Accor Hotels. These slides change at different intervals. The slides and interval between slides is fully configurable by administrator.
Conference Rooms:
Digital signage display direction indicators pointing to conference rooms. Logo indicates the group occupying the conference room.
Image Gallery:
In case there are no conferences then kiosk system for conference rooms can be programmed to show image gallery.
Backend Administration – Configuration:
Novotel digital signage system is fully configurable. Each slide with its content and duration can be configured from backed CMS.
Backend Administration – Exchange Rates:
Exchange rates can be updated using backend CMS. There is also an option to export the exchange rates in excel format so that one can keep track of changes in exchange rate.
Backend Administration – Image Gallery:
Administrator can change images in image gallery. He can also change their display order.
Backend Administration – Video Management:
Administrator can switch between an image gallery and video using configuration options provided by powerful CMS.
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