Website Design & Development

We have a team of experts who is committed to conceive the design concept for each client, depending on the business and the aptitude of the client, we are able to deliver designs which communicate and represent what the firm stands for. We ensure that each design is different and is exceeding the expectations of our clients.

1. Web site design is the creation of attractive and functional interfaces. Good graphic design gives your site credibility. And the one thing all good web sites have in common is the proper use of design elements: aesthetics and layout, logos and graphics, easy navigation. Gist offers Internet marketing programming and a proven track record incorporating information with imagination and great design.

2. We offer worthwhile, affordable, effective & creative web designs to our clients. Each website is designed to your specifications and to answer your requirements. A strong, well designed identity is a client's most critical asset. It projects a professional image and emphasizes all the strengths and qualities of your products and services. Our web designers and graphics people works in a wide variety of media including Flash Animation.


Web Development

Gist leverages its Rightshoring approach that is best suited to our clients business. We offer the benefit of our global delivery model across UAE and over 100 employees across UAE,India, and UK. This model allows us to meet the needs of our clients in a timely, efficient and cost effective way.Aligning a business to focus on its goal is a constant challenge of any business.


Content Management System (CMS)/ Dynamic Web Site Design and Development

Online content management systems are highly desirable for any business which requires constant and continuous customer interaction. Market of any business is such that it changes every now and then. To be competent enough and to have an edge over others, each business house requires a well managed online content management system. Presence in the web world is the scale of measurement for any firm for its prospective clients, vendors and employees. Having a well developed web content and keeping it up to date is a prerequisite for attracting the best to the company.

Content Management System is into larger dimensions now. It is not just updating few pages by a user; it also includes interactive contents, Key word intensity analysis, web-pal plug-in etc. Few add-ins are listed below.

• News & Live Feeds :: Make your site always active.
• Opinion Poll :: Let you know viewers opinion on your surveys.
• Discussion Forums :: Make your customer happy with your "Royal Service". 24/7 support will always make your clients stick with you.
• Testimonials:: The viewers are getting options to open-up their view points.
• Article Manager :: Easy plug & play pages will help you to improve the traffic to your site.
• SMS alerting system :: Will help you to interact with your customer via SMS.


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